School Information
New York, N.Y.
Founded in 1754
6750 Undergraduates
Columbia Blue & White
Lee C.Bollinger
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Athletics Department

Dodge Fitness Center
Mail Code 1900
New York, N.Y. 10027
(212) 854-2537, 2538
(212) 854-8168 Fax
(212) 854-3030 Hotline
(212) 854-2546 Tickets

Sports Sponsored: 29
Athletic Director:
Dianne Murphy


Fight Song

Roar, Lion, Roar

When the bold teams of old wore the blue and white,
Deeds of fame made their name here at old Columbia,
Nowadays, we can praise fighting teams again,
Hear the Lion roar his pride,
While the men of Morningside,
Follow the blue and white to victory!
Roar, Lion, Roar
And wake the echoes of the Hudson Valley
Fight on to victory evermore
While the sons of Knickerbocker
Rally 'round Columbia, Columbia!
Shouting her name forever
Roar, Lion, Roar
For Alma Mater on the Hudson shore!

Stand Up & Cheer

Stand up and cheer,
Stand up and cheer for old Columbia!
For today we raise
The Blue and White above the rest!
Our boys are fighting
And they are bound to win the fray
We've got the team! We've got the steam!
For this is old Columbia's day!