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The 2009-10 Ivy League Record Book & Directory was produced by the Ivy League Office Communications Department (Scottie Rodgers, Alex Searle and Wesley Harris) with editorial assistance from Jeff Orleans, Chuck Yrigoyen and Brett Hoover.

Several people aided in projects that are now available, including E.J. Crawford, Josi Carlson, Eddy Lentz, Tyson Hubbard, Kevin Anderson, LaKesha Whitaker, Sherryta Freeman, Nathan Fry, Christian Green, Jennifer Duda, Ben Samara, Jay Bavishi, Meredith Valmon, Stephen Eschenbach, Suzanne Eschenbach, Bill Moore, Kitsie Kerner, Brian Danielewicz and John Eschenbach.

As always, the Ivy League's sports information office were also instrumental in bringing the Ivy Record Book & Directory online.