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*Note: If the franchise is one which still exists, only the city name is given, otherwise the nickname is provided as well. The New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox are denoted by providing the city name and (AL) -- for American League. Likewise, the New York Mets and Chicago Cubs are followed by (NL) -- for National League. Initially compiled by Jeff Orleans and Stephen Eschenbach.

Steve Adkins, Penn (1990) New York (AL)
Ethan Allen, Columbia (1926-38) Cincinnati, New York Giants, Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis (NL), St. Louis Browns
Jack Allen, Penn (1879) Syracuse Stars, Cleveland Blues
Pete Allen, Penn (1893) Cleveland Spiders
Bill Almon, Brown (1974-88) San Diego, Montreal, New York (NL), Chicago (AL), Oakland, Pittsburgh, New York (NL), Philadelphia
Brad Ausmus, Dartmouth (1993- ) San Diego, Detroit, Houston, Detroit, Houston
Charles Babington, Brown (1915) New York Giants
Clyde Barnhart, Penn (1920-28) Pittsburgh
Charley Bassett, Brown (1884-92) Providence Grays, Kansas City Cowboys, Indianapolis Hoosiers, New York Giants, Louisville Colonels
Jim Beattie, Dartmouth (1978-86) New York (AL), Seattle
Moe Berg, Columbia & Princeton (1923, '26-39) Brooklyn, Chicago (AL), Cleveland, Washington Nationals, Cleveland, Boston
Walter Bernhardt, Penn (1918) New York (AL)
Joe Berry, Penn (1921-22) New York Giants
Dan Bickham, Princeton (1886) Cincinnati Red Stockings
Josh Billings, Brown (1927-29) Detroit
Joe Birmingham, Cornell (1906-14) Cleveland Naps
Andy Boswell, Penn (1895) New York Giants, Washington Senators
Sumner Bowman, Penn (1890-91) Philadelphia, Pittsburgh Alleghenys, Philadelphia Athletics
William Breckenridge, Dartmouth (1929) Philadelphia Athletics
Craig Breslow, Yale (2005-06, 2008) San Diego, Boston, Cleveland
Johnny Broaca, Yale (1934-37, '39) New York (AL), Cleveland
Pete Broberg, Dartmouth (1971-78) Washington Senators, Texas, Milwaukee, Chicago (NL), Oakland
Fred Brown, Dartmouth (1901-02) Boston Beaneaters
Lou Bruce, Penn (1904) Philadelphia Athletics
Ed Buckingham, Yale (1895) Washington Senators
Pete Burnside, Dartmouth (1955, '57-63) New York Giants, San Francisco, Detroit, Washington Senators, Baltimore, Washington Senators
Doc Bushong, Penn (1876, '80-90) Philadelphia Athletics, Worcester Ruby Legs, Cleveland Blues, St. Louis Browns, Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers, Brooklyn Bridegrooms
Tom Cahill, Penn (1891) Louisville Colonels
Bruce Caldwell, Brown & Yale (1928, '32) Cleveland, Brooklyn Dodgers
Charlie Caldwell, Princeton (1925) New York (AL)
Ralph Caldwell, Penn (1904-05) Philadelphia
Roy Clark, Brown (1902) New York Giants
Arthur Clarke, Brown & Columbia (1890-91) New York Giants
Walter Clarkson, Harvard (1904-08) New York Highlanders, Cleveland Naps
Andy Coakley, Penn (1902-09, '11) Philadelphia Athletics, Cincinnati, Chicago (NL), New York Highlanders
Eddie Collins Sr., Columbia (1906-30) Philadelphia Athletics, Chicago (AL), Philadelphia Athletics
Eddie Collins Jr., Yale & Harvard (1939, 1941-42) Philadelphia Athletics
Arthur Conlon, Harvard (1923) Boston Braves
Gene Connell, Penn (1931) Philadelphia
Joe Conzelman, Brown & Columbia (1913-15) Pittsburgh
Dan Coogan, Penn (1895) Washington Senators
Fred Winchell (Cook) (1900) Cleveland
Fred Crolius, Dartmouth (1901-02) Boston Beaneaters, Pittsburgh
Cap Crowell, Brown (1915-16) Philadelphia Athletics
Bud Culloton, Columbia (1925-26) Pittsburgh
Al Cypert, Harvard (1914) Cleveland
Ron Darling, Yale (1983-95) New York (NL), Montreal, Oakland
Jack Darragh, Penn (1891) Louisville Colonels
Claude Davidson, Brown (1918-19) Philadelphia Athletics, Washington Nationals
Homer Davidson, Penn (1908) Cleveland Naps
Bob Davis, Yale (1958, '60) Kansas City Athletics
George Davis, Harvard (1912-15) New York Highlanders, Boston Braves
Ira Davis, Penn (1899) New York Giants
Mark DeRosa, Penn (1998- ) Atlanta, Texas, Chicago (NL)
Charlie Devens, Harvard (1932-34) New York (AL)
Tom Dowd, Brown (1891-01) Boston Red Stockings, Washington Senators, St. Louis Browns, Philadelphia, St. Louis Browns, Cleveland Spiders, Boston Somersets
John Easton, Princeton (1955, '59) Philadelphia
Steve Eddy, Yale (1979) California Angels
Ed Eayrs, Brown (1913, '20-21) Pittsburgh, Boston Braves, Brooklyn Robins
Foster Edwards, Dartmouth (1925-28, '30) Boston Braves, New York (AL)
Chester Emerson, Dartmouth (1911-12) Philadelphia Athletics
Howard Fahey, Dartmouth (1912) Philadelphia Athletics
Pete Falsey, Yale (1914) Pittsburgh
Doc Farrell, Penn (1925-30, '32-33, '35) New York Giants, Boston Braves, New York Giants, St. Louis, Chicago (NL), New York (AL), Boston
William Finley, Columbia (1886) New York Giants
Leo Fishel, Columbia (1899) New York Giants
Harry Fritz, Penn (1913-15) Philadelphia A's, Chicago Feds
David Fultz, Brown (1898-99, '01-05) Philadelphia, Baltimore, Philadelphia Athletics, New York Highlanders
Leonidas Lee (Funkhouser), Princeton (1877) St. Louis (NL)
Daff Gammons, Harvard & Brown (1901) Boston Beaneaters
Lou Gehrig, Columbia (1923-39) New York (AL)
Doug Glanville, Penn (1996-05) Chicago (NL), Philadelphia, Texas, Chicago (NL), Philadelphia
Ralph Glaze, Dartmouth (1906-08) Boston Pilgrims, Boston
Billy Goeckel, Penn (1899) Philadelphia
Eddie Grant, Harvard (1905, '07-15) Cleveland Naps, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, New York Giants)
Howard Groskloss, Yale (1930-32) Pittsburgh
Hy Gunning, Princeton (1911) Boston
Tom Gunning, Penn (1884-89) Boston Beaneaters, Philadelphia Quakers, Philadelphia Athletics
Bump Hadley, Brown (1926-41) Washington Nationals, Chicago (AL), St. Louis Browns, Washington Nationals, New York (AL), New York Giants, Philadelphia Athletics
Andy Harrington, Harvard (1913) Cincinnati
Jack Hayden, Penn (1901, '06, '08) Philadelphia Athletics, Boston Pilgrims, Chicago (NL)
Homer Hillebrand, Princeton (1905-06, '08) Pittsburgh
Dave Howard, Cornell (1912, '15) Washington Nationals, Brooklyn Tip-Tops
Al Hubbard, Yale (1883) Philadelphia Athletics
John Humphries, Cornell (1883-84) New York Gothams, Washington Nationals
Walt Huntzinger, Penn (1923-26) New York Giants, St. Louis, Chicago (NL)
William Hutchison, Yale (1889-95, 1897) Chicago (NL), St. Louis (NL)
Doc Imlay, Penn (1913) Philadelphia
Jim Jackson, Penn (1901-02, '05-06) Baltimore, New York Giants, Cleveland Naps
John Jackson, Penn (1933) Philadelphia
Hugh Jennings, Cornell (1891-03, '07, '09, '12, '18) Louisville Colonels, Baltimore, Brooklyn Superbas, Baltimore, Brooklyn Superbas, Philadelphia, Brooklyn Superbas, Detroit
Dan Jessee, Columbia (1929) Cleveland
Mark Johnson, Dartmouth (1995-98, '00-02) Pittsburgh, Anaheim, New York (NL)
Jack (Daniel) Jones, Harvard & Yale (1883) Detroit Wolverines, Philadelphia Athletics
Duke Kelleher, Princeton (1916) New York Giants
Alfred Kellett, Columbia (1923-24) Philadelphia Athletics, Boston
Red Kellett, Penn (1964) Boston
George Knight, Yale (1875) New Haven Elm Citys
John Knight, Penn (1905-07, 1909-13) Phidelphia (AL), Boston (AL), New York (AL), Washington
George Knothe, Penn (1932) Philadelphia (NL)
Wally Kopf, Dartmouth (1921) New York Giants
Bert Kuczynski, Penn (1943) Philadelphia Athletics
Tim Lahey, Princeton (2008-) Philadelphia
Gene Larkin, Columbia (1987-93) Minnesota
Bill Lauder, Brown & Harvard (1898-99, 1901-03) Philadelphia, Philadelphia Athletics, New York Giants
Charles Lear, Princeton (1914-15) Cincinnati
Frank Leary, Penn (1907) Cincinnati
Philip Lewis, Cornell (1905-08) Brooklyn Superbas
Ted Lewis, Harvard (1896-01), Boston Red Stockings (NL), Boston (AL)
Bill Lindsay, Harvard (1911) Cleveland
William Loughlin, Columbia (1883) Baltimore
Fletcher Low, Columbia & Dartmouth (1915) Boston Braves
Tony Lupien, Harvard (1940, '42-45, '48) Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago (AL)
Mike Lynch, Brown (1904-07) Pittsburgh, New York Giants
Ken MacKenzie, Yale (1960-65) Milwaukee, New York (NL), St. Louis, San Francisco, Houston
Waddy MacPhee, Princeton (1922) New York Giants
Stubby Magner, Cornell (1911) New York Highlanders
Jim Mains, Harvard (1943) Philadelphia Athletics
Richard Manville, Yale (1950, '52) Boston Braves, Chicago (NL)
Doc Marshall, Penn (1904, '06-09) Philadelphia, New York Giants, Boston Beaneaters, St. Louis, Chicago (NL), Brooklyn Superbas
Walt Masters, Penn (1931, '37, '39) Washington Nationals, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Athletics
Chick Maynard, Dartmouth (1922) Boston
Jerry McCarthy, Penn (1948) St. Louis Browns
Jack McFetridge, Penn (1890, '03) Philadelphia
Mark McGrillis, Penn (1892) St. Louis Browns
Thomas McNamara, Princeton (1922) Pittsburgh
Dutch Meier, Princeton (1906) Pittsburgh
Sam Mele, Yale (1947-56) Boston, Washington Nationals, Chicago (AL), Baltimore, Boston, Cincinnati Redlegs, Cleveland
Bill Mellor, Brown (1902) Baltimore
Art Merewether, Brown (1922) Pittsburgh
John Meyers, Dartmouth (1909-17) New York Giants, Brooklyn Robins, Boston Braves
John Milligan, Cornell (1928-31, '34) Philadelphia, Washington Nationals
Jack Mills, Harvard (1911) Cleveland
Dave Morey, Dartmouth (1913) Philadelphia Athletics
Red Morgan, Harvard (1906) Boston (AL)
William Murphy, Yale (1894-95, '97) New York Giants
Amby Murray, Brown (1936) Boston Bees
Bill Murray, Brown (1917) Washington Nationals
Joe Murray, Penn (1950) Philadelphia Athletics
Jeff Musselman, Harvard (1986-90) Toronto, New York (NL)
Ken Nash, Brown (1912, '14) Cleveland Naps, St. Louis
Hal Neubauer, Brown (1925) Boston
Alexander Nevin, Yale (1873) Resolutes
Chet Nourse, Brown (1906) Boston
Frank O'Connor, Dartmouth (1893) Philadelphia
Ross Ohlendorf, Princeton (2007-) New York Yankees
Frank Olin, Cornell (1884-85) Washington Nationals, Toledo Blue Stockings, Detroit Wolverines
Arthur Olsen, Cornell (1922-23) Detroit
Ted Olson, Dartmouth (1936-38) Boston
James O'Rourke, Yale (1876-93, '04) Boston Red Caps, Providence Grays, Boston Red Caps, Buffalo Bisons, New York Giants, Washington Senators, New York Giants
Queenie O'Rourke, Yale (1908) New York Highlanders
Harry Pattee, Brown (1908) Brooklyn Superbas
Si Pauxtis, Penn (1909) Cincinnati
Ray Peters, Harvard (1970) Milwaukee
Jim Peterson, Penn (1931, '33, '37) Philadelphia Athletics, Brooklyn Dodgers
Grover Powell, Penn (1963) New York (NL)
Spencer Pumpelly, Yale (1925) Washington Nationals
Frank Quinn, Yale (1949-50) Boston
Art Quirk, Dartmouth (1962-63) Baltimore, Washington Senators
Ted Reed, Dartmouth & Princeton (1915) Newark
Bernard Reilly, Yale (1909) Chicago (AL)
Mike Remlinger, Dartmouth (1991, '94-06) San Francisco, New York (NL), Cincinnati, Atlanta, Chicago (NL), Boston, Chicago (NL), Atlanta
J. Lee Richmond, Brown & Columbia (1879-83, '86) Boston Red Caps, Worcester Ruby Legs, Providence Grays, Cincinnati Red Stockings
Eric Rodin, Penn (1954) New York Giants
Red Rolfe, Dartmouth (1931, '34-42) New York (AL)
Jim Rutherford, Cornell (1910) Cleveland Naps
Roger Salmon, Princeton (1912) Philadelphia Athletics
Dutch Schirick, Cornell (1914) St. Louis Browns
Pi Schwert, Penn (1914-15) New York (AL)
Chuck Seelbach, Dartmouth (1971-74) Detroit
Frank Seminara, Columbia (1992-94) San Diego, New York (NL)
Frank Sexton, Brown & Penn (1895) Boston Beaneaters
Frank Shannon, Harvard (1892, 1896) Washington Senators, Louisville Colonels
Toots Shultz, Penn (1911-12) Philadelphia
Dave Sisler, Princeton (1956-62) Boston, Detroit, Washington Senators, Cincinnati
Art Smith, Columbia (1932) Chicago (AL)
Edgar E. Smith, Yale (1883-85, '90) Providence Grays, Philadelphia Quakers, Washington Nationals, Providence Grays, Cleveland Spiders
George Smith, Columbia (1916-23) New York Giants, Cincinnati, New York Giants, Brooklyn Robins, New York Giants, Philadelphia, Brooklyn Robins
Harvey Smith, Penn (1896) Washington Senators
Rufus Smith, Brown (1927) Detroit
Wally Snell, Brown (1913) Boston
Andy Sommerville (Summersgill), Brown (1894) Brooklyn Bridegrooms
Tom Stankard, Harvard (1904) Pittsburgh
Gene Steere, Brown (1894) Pittsburgh
Mike Stenhouse, Harvard (1982-86) Montreal, Minnesota, Boston
Dutch Sterrett, Princeton (1912-13) New York Highlanders, New York (AL)
Alan Storke, Harvard (1906-09) Pittsburgh, St. Louis (NL)
Asa Stratton, Brown (1881) Worcester Ruby Legs
Dean Sturgis, Harvard (1914) Philadelphia (AL)
Ad Swigler, Penn (1917) New York Giants
Roy Talcott, Princeton (1943) Boston Braves
Hughie Tate, Penn (1905) Washington Nationals
Harry Taylor, Cornell (1890-93) Louisville Colonels, Baltimore
Fred C. Tenney, Brown (1884) Washington Nationals, Boston Unions, Wilmington Quicksteps
Fred Tenney, Brown (1894-09, '11) Boston Beaneaters, Boston Doves, New York Giants, Boston Rustlers
Dick Tettelbach, Yale (1955-57) New York (AL), Washington Nationals, Washington Senators
Henry Thielman, Penn (1902-03) New York Giants, Cincinnati, Brooklyn Superbas
Roy Thomas, Penn (1899-1911) Philadelphia
Fresco Thompson, Columbia (1925-34) Pittsburgh, New York Giants, Philadelphia, Brooklyn Robins, Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants
Raymond Tift, Brown & Harvard (1907) New York Highlanders
Overton Tremper, Penn (1927-28) Brooklyn Robins
Bob Tufts, Columbia & Princeton (1981-83) San Francisco, Kansas City
Tink Turner, Penn (1915) Philadelphia Athletics
Jim Tyng, Harvard (1879, 1888) Boston (NL), Philadelphia (NL)
Tom Upton, Penn (1950-52) St. Louis Browns, Washington Nationals
Dike Varney, Dartmouth (1902) Cleveland Blues
Richard Varney, Harvard (1973-76) Chicago (AL), Atlanta
Bobby Vaughn, Princeton (1909, 1915) New York (AL), St. Louis Terriers (Federal)
Leon Viau, Dartmouth (1888-92) Cincinnati Red Stockings, Cincinnati, Cleveland Spiders, Louisville Colonels, Boston Beaneaters
Woody Wagenhorst, Princeton & Penn (1888) Philadelphia Quakers
John Ward, Columbia (1878-94) Providence Grays, New York Gothams, New York Giants, Brooklyn Wonders, Brooklyn Bridegrooms, New York Giants
Ed Warner, Brown (1912) Pittsburgh
Bill Warwick, Penn (1921, '25-26) Pittsburgh, St. Louis
Libe Washburn, Brown (1902-03) New York Giants, Philadelphia
Thomas Whelan, Dartmouth (1920) Boston Braves
Stephen White, Princeton (1912) Washington, Boston (NL)
William White, Brown (1879) Providence Grays
Joe Wood, Yale (1944) Boston
Fred Woodcock, Brown & Dartmouth (1892) Pittsburgh
Rusty Yarnall, Dartmouth & Penn (1926) Philadelphia
Steve Yerkes, Penn (1909, '11-16) Boston, Pittsburgh Rebels, Chicago (NL)
Chris Young, Princeton (2004- ) Texas, San Diego
Walter Zink, Harvard (1921) New York Giants